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Who we are

Suministros Palazón is an industrial supplies company founded in 1987. We have been working for over 20 years in a specialized labor in tailoring,  installation and distribution of conveyor belts, modular belts, industrial hoses, hidraulic hoses and fittings in general as well as timming belts and transmission belts. With our extensive experience and expertise we can ensure absolute accuracy and excellent performance of our products and a strict compliance with current regulations for each type of use of our products. Our enterprise organization offers the best service guaranteed by the quality mark ISO-9001.
Suministros Palazón
Suministros Palazón works with products from suppliers who provide the highest technical control of them (Eaton, Habasit, Trelleborg, etc …)

Suministros Palazón has the trust of the leading companies in their area of work. We work for both: big companies with leading brands and local companies, adjusting the optimal solutions for each type of problem

What we do

Suministros Palazón
We give advise and do free quotes about the differents belt or hose types and qualities,depending on the needs of our client


In Suministros Palazón we specialize in providing a rapid response to companies that can not stop their production system. So we establish the shortest possible time for making conveyor belts, industrial hose and hydraulic hoses. We have a service of pre-and post-sales with qualified staff always available to solve your needs.

Suministros Palazón S.L.

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